Brazilian retailer B2W Seeks to Improve Logistics by Testing Drones

E-commerce B2W, a subsidiary of Lojas Americanas, is testing drones to optimize its distribution process

B2W is testing drones in logistic operation in Brazil
  • B2W is working closely with the airspace regulation agency, ANAC, to push for regulations in Brazil
  • The retailer expects to start using drones in its distribution process by January 2021
  • The drone tested uses technology developed by the Brazilian company SMX Systems

In an effort to enhance its operations, local e-commerce firm B2W Companhia Digital SA is testing drones to transport products from distribution centers to stores, according to Reuters.

B2W is responsible for operating big Brazilian brands such as Submarino,, Sou Barato, and Shoptime, and is a subsidiary of popular retailer Lojas Americanas, with more than 1,500 stores in the country.

The drone tested by the retailer uses technology developed by Brazilian software company SMX Systems and can travel up to 36 kilometers per hour with a load capacity of 2kg.

We are working closely with the air space regulation agency, Anac, to help create these rules in Brazil… We expect to start using drones in our distribution by January 2021”, said to Reuters Fábio Abrate, B2W CFO.

Unlike in the USA, regulation of drone usage is still in its early stages in Brazil. B2W’s move is certain to spark conversation throughout the industry, concerning both improved logistics and safety measures.

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