Brazilian startup QuintoAndar adopts home office until December

“We had to make some adjustments, but we learned a lot. To the point that we can think about home office as a definitive solution,” says CEO Gabriel Braga

Photo: QuintoAndar/Courtesy
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Brazilian home rental startup QuintoAndar announced this Thursday, 4, that it will extend the home-office regime to its employees until December. In the same direction as large tech companies and startups, the proptech will also offer remote work as a definitive option for employees who prefer this modality.

“Even before the quarantine started, we adopted the home office for the entire team to protect our employees and contribute to the control of the pandemic. As the situation has not yet stabilized and we are working well with remote work, we will stay at home to keep everyone protected ”, says Gabriel Braga, co-founder and CEO at QuintoAndar, in a press release.

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Nevertheless, readjusting workspaces taking into account the new social distancing guidelines, in addition to adopting new cleaning protocols, are also in the startup’s plans. The goal is to allocate in-person stations for meetings, events, and training, as well as a base for those who prefer to work in person.

The measure is valid for the nearly 1,000 employees in São Paulo and Campinas, who have been working remotely since March 13. QuintoAndar’s team will also be able to count on monthly cost-share assistance for internet expenses and reimbursement for the purchase of accessories needed for work in the home-office regime.

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