Cabify is rolling out a safety button starting in Latin America

Cabify will also ask identity verification from those who intent to pay trips in cash in Argentina and Chile

Cabify descontinua Easy Taxi no Brasil
Photo: Cabify
  • Cabify will limit operations or disable cash payments in considered risk areas for drivers;
  • It will also request ID verification for cash payments.

The ride-hailing app Cabify announced the activation of a new safety button. It allows drivers to get in touch with Cabify or with the authorities quickly, and also share their location.

In addition to this, the company announces that it is testing and will soon activate globally an identity verification system for passengers who request to pay for their rides in cash. According to TravelDailyNews, this verification system is already in operation in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Chile will be the next country to implement it.

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The safety button is available in Colombia, according to a story published by La República, and is being rolled out to the 11 countries where the company operates.

Also thinking about drivers’ safety, Cabify will limit operations or disable cash payments in considered risk areas for drivers.

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Vicente Pascual, Cabify Chief of Ride Hailing, stated, that Cabify’s priority is the safety of passengers and driving partners. “The new developments are another step further within this commitment, and our determination is to innovate, on an ongoing basis, in order to continue to reinforce our position as an alternative”.

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