Colombians will receive free voice calls and text messages

Associations of mobile industry and communications will award citizens with 300 text messages and 300 minutes of voice calls to be used in 30 days

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  • Broadband traffic is estimated to have increased by 80%;
  • Access to five URLs of public interest will also be granted.

Due to the crisis generated by coronavirus and the announcement of the national quarantine of Colombian President Iván Duque, Asomóvil  (Colombia’s Association of the Mobile Industry) and Andesco (National Association of Communication and Public Utilities) announced that all citizens will receive 300 prepaid text messages on prepaid plans and 300 minutes of national voice calls in regular plans to use for a period of 30 days, according to La Republica.

In addition to this, it was announced that all users will have free access to five URLs of public interest defined by the national government.

Also, fixed-line customers will be guaranteed the stability of their current network and the technical teams will be making revisions in order to increase broadband speeds. Network traffic is estimated to have increased by 80% during the last week.

“Our teams continue to work tirelessly to guarantee the provision of the service, the sustainability of which cannot be jeopardized at a time when the country needs to communicate as never before,” they affirm in a letter.

However, they stressed that the collaboration of all citizens is needed, prioritizing productive over recreational internet usage.

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