DHI Telecom acquires Latin American startup to increasing market share on mobile connections

Trinus, startups focused on provide internet connection for travelers, is now part of DHI portfolio

DHI Telecom acquires startup from Chile
  • Trinus, an startup of WiFi and SIM cards from Chile, is the most recent acquisition from DHI Telecom and the first one in Latin America. 
  • In the past nine months, DHI has already bought other two companies related to WiFi services, one in the UK and another in France.  

In the past nine months, DHI Telecom is putting efforts into improving their portfolio of WiFi and connections services worldwide. As part of this movement, the Chilenian startup Trinus was the third company acquired by DHI, according to Business Wire

“Trinus had a 116% growth rate the last 12 months. They have more than 270 companies as clients and have over 5,000 customers, we plan to merge the Trinus Rental WiFi business with our recent acquisitions”, announced the CEO of DHI Telecom, Wallace Davis. So far, the other companies bought by DHI were TEP Wireless from the United Kingdom and Travel WiFi from France. 

Trinus trajectory

The Chilenian startup was launched in October 2014 and is focused on WiFi and SIM cards solution, the main point of innovation at the beginning was the low-cost roaming, the first one in Chile. With the proposal to make popular technological products, the pre-paid international roaming SIM card of Trinus was capable to make customers save up 80% on international data. 

But that was just their first step, Trinus starts focusing on the travel market by providing high-tech telecommunication devices for travelers visiting Latin America. The next step of the company is to make their solutions being available in vending machines for distribution in Latin American airports.  

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