Disney+ already is valued in $ 100 billion, according to investors

Disney's streaming service has reached 10 million subscribers only on its first day in the US

Disney+ is valued in $100 billion
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  • Investors pointed out that Disney+ alone reached the market valuation of $ 100 billion
  • The platform’s current valuation already represents 69% of Netflix’s number

While Netflix has taken more than 10 years to achieve its $144 billion valuation, Disney+ is getting closer to it in only two months. An estimate by Barclays points out that investors are highly confident about the company so far, increasing the streaming‘s valuation up to $ 100 billion. This already represents around 69% of the current Netflix’s market valuation. 

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All this optimism isn’t unjustified, only on its first day the new streaming platform already achieved 10 million new subscribers, not mentioning the positive impact on Disney’s stock prices. One day before the new platform’s release, the prices went up 6% and keep being well-valued. 

According to CBNC, an analyst of Rosenblatt Securities points out that the new Disney’s product might reach 25 million subscribers until the end of the first quarter of 2020. In Brazil, the streaming will be launched this year and is expected to be the biggest competitor for Netflix in this market. 

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