Disney to launch a new streaming service in Latin America: Star+

The streaming service will be separate from Disney + and will arrive in June 2021 focusing on more adult productions

Disney's new streaming service, Star+
Photo: Disney's Instagram

Disney has confirmed during its highly anticipated Investor Day this Thursday that it will launch another streaming service in Latin America and other international markets, called Star+, focusing on more adult productions.

The streaming service will be separate from Disney+ and will arrive in June 2021 in the region with studio films from 20th Century, ABC and FOX shows, original films and local content, as well as live sports from ESPN.

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Disney also announced during the event that it will offer bundled packages with Disney+ and the new service Star+.

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Among the news, Disney also disclosed the record of subscriptions to Disney +, which reached 86.8 million subscribers worldwide on December 2, approaching in just one year the goal of 90 million that the company hoped to achieve in four years.

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