Google Assistant launches new features in Mexico for requesting food, Uber and make money transfers

Google Assistant launches new features in Mexico
  • In the next few months, Mexican users will be able to request an Uber, food delivery, and making money transfers by using voice commands. 
  • Among Google’s partners for these new features in Mexico are Uber, Cabify, and Rappi

Google Assistant is betting on the Mexican market. After including the Spanish in the voice assistant of the app two years ago, several improvements have since been implemented in order to expand the presence of Google Assistant in Mexican mobile devices, so as to attract more users.

Now, Google had just announced the next steps in its mission for winning over Mexicans: users will be able to request for food delivery or an Uber, besides doing money transfers. And all of it just by using voice commands, according to the Mexican media outlet Xataka.

These new features were already tested in the USA and should be available in Mexico in the next few months. But for now, what we already know is that Google is counting with a big team of partners to make it happen. In transportation, Uber, Cabify, and Bolt are the official companies that will be available for voice requesting. Google has also announced a new partnership for food delivery: Rappi.

Latest news about Rappi:

Last but not least, BBVA will be Google’s partner responsible for making money transfers possible. Money transfer requests will be available in voice command, although a password will be necessary to finalize the procedure.

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