Google Assistant launches voice command feature for Nubank, iFood, Rappi, and Banco do Brasil

The integration with these four apps will allow users to order food or making banking transfers using voice command

Google Assistant launches new features for Brazilian users
Google Assistant launches new features for Brazilian users. Photo: ShutterStock

For American people, using voice command to complete the most different kinds of tasks is already becoming a habit. For Brazilians, this technology already is an unexplored world, but not for too long.

Google was the most recent company to release a great improvement in order to make voice command popular in Brazil by adding four popular services apps into Google Assistant’s portfolio: Nubank, Rappi, iFood, and Banco do Brasil.

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Starting the command with the traditional “Ok, Google”, the user will be allowed to make a simple dinner order, request some product from a supermarket or even make a bank transfer.

But these weren’t the only new features added after Google Assistant’s improvements. Now, the platform will also allow users to send text messages, making calls, and ask about the weather, for instance.

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