Google Nest Mini arrives in Brazil to compete with Alexa from Amazon in the country

Google's voice assistant will be available today for Brazilian consumers

Google Nest Mini arrives in Brazil
Google Nest Mini arrives in Brazil. Photo: Google
  • Google Nest Mini arrives in Brazil this Tuesday (November 12) with the exact same pricing as Amazon Echo in the country (R$ 349)
  • The release is part of the global strategy for the products that aim to reach global revenue of $ 31,7 billion in 2023

Amazon‘s last moves in the Brazilian market keep shaking retailers and big-techs. After launching Amazon Prime in the country, several other services and products from Jeff Bezos‘ brand came right after, Alexa was one of them. But starting today, she isn’t the only voice assistant from a big-tech available in Portuguese for Brazilian, Google is entering the game with Google Nest Mini, which starts being sold in the country this Tuesday (November 12), less than a month after the global release.

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The device’s pricing will be R$ 349, exactly the same as Amazon Echo, and with the release, Brazil got a sweet spot in Google’s next strategies for this segment that is one of the major bets of the company. According to the Brazilian media outlet Infomoney, is expected that home connected products give Google a jump on global revenue from $ 7,9 billion in 2018 to $ 31,7 billion in 2023. 

Google also announced partnerships with local companies such as iFood and the retailer Magazine Luiza, the goal is to allow users having access to integrated services easily. 

The voice assistants are a new thing for Brazilians, starting because these devices weren’t available in Portuguese before, so this public isn’t as familiar with having home connected products as the US market does. If there are potential for this segment in the country, there’s no doubt, but how long does it will take until really wons Brazilians homes it is the right question now. 

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