Google to launch Currents, Google+ replacement

The new corporate version of Google+, Currents, will be a tool for companies to engage employees and have meaningful discussions, says 9to5

Google is developing new app for business
Photo: ShutterStock

Google is rebranding its previous Google+ social network, discontinued in 2019, for a new corporate version called Currents, to be launched on July 6, as announced by the company in an email to G Suite administrators on Friday, and learned by the specialized media outlet 9to5.

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Despite being a failed attempt to compete with social media counterparts, Google+ was being used in its enterprise version for G Suite customers’ engage in internal discussions. As of July, Google Plus business users will be migrated to Currents, and Plus links will redirect to Currents URLs.

The new platform was in beta phase for months, available for some G Suite users. Currents launch comes in a time when more people are accessing work remote tools and has a similarity with corporate platforms Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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