Google's valuation went down from $ 1 trillion again

This was also the first time that the company reported the Youtube and Cloud Services' results separately

Google's stocks were 4% down
Photo: ShutterStock

After being the key piece that made Google joins the $ 1 trillion club in January, Alphabet‘s new results weren’t as impressive as the market was expecting after all and Google’s stocks had a 4% decrease right after the release of the latest report. The tech-giant current market valuation is $ 977,3 billion. 

Even exceeding the market expectations in the matter of profit, according to TechCrunch, Alphabet wasn’t able to reach the revenue forecast and, regarding how fast the company was growing, it was the main reason that has driven Google’s stocks down. 

However, Youtube and cloud services have more good news to tell. The video platform keeps growing, in 2019 its revenue was $15.1 billion, exceeding the $ 11.2 billion reached in 2018. In addition, the tech giant announced that G Suite, Google’s platform that gets together the main cloud products of the company, achieved a $ 2,6 billion round. In 2018, the cloud services revenue reached just $ 1,71 billion. 

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