Google will open a new data center in Latin America

After Chile, now is Uruguay the one hosting Google's new venture

Google Googleplex campus Headquarters office logo on the glass building located in San Jose, Mountain View California, USA. Photo: Shutterstock

Focused on storage and server management, the new data center from Google in Latin America will be opened in Canelones Uruguay. This is the second time that Google chooses a Latin American country to open a data center – the first one was Chile, in 2013.

While the construction date and costs remain unknown, according to information provided by the media outlet Contxto, the new project will take place in a 20-hectare site in a duty-free zone called Science Park. 

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Although the big tech has been considering Uruguay since 2013 to open its data office, it decided to choose Chile over Uruguay, due to a shortage of specialized workforce at that time. But years later, in 2017, Google collaborated with the Uruguayan Antel, a telecommunications stated-owned company, to install the Tannat submarine fiber optic cable, connecting Uruguay, Brazil, and the US. 

Fueled by this well-succeeded partnership, the California based company decided then to move forward with the opening in Uruguay. With six data centers in the United States, three in Asia, three in Europe, and one in Chile, Uruguay joins now the latter to be the country hosting the 14th data center of Google in the world and the second in Latin America. 

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