IBM is betting on fintech's development to improve the banking sector in Argentina

The global TI company started a partnership with the Chamber of Fintech in order to develop Argentinean fintechs

IBM bets on fintechs development in Argentina
IBM bets on fintechs development in Argentina. Photo: ShutterStock
  • IBM and Argentina’s Chamber of Fintech joined forces to promote “Startup with IBM” program
  • The goal is to provide workshops and technical mentoring with IBM’s professionals in order to develop the Argentine fintechs

Following the current movement that claims for modern banking systems in Latin America, IBM and the Argentine Chamber of Fintech are partners to promote a development program to fintechs in the country. Called “Startup with IBM”, the project’s goal is to offer courses, workshops, and materials to Argentine fintechs, according to the media outlet Born 2 Invest.

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“We are very happy to join IBM in this journey of development and strengthening of our industry,” declared Mariano Biocca, general coordinator of the Argentine Chamber of Fintech, in an interview for Born 2 Invest.

Besides counting on IBM’s professional mentoring, fintechs will be allowed to access IBM Public Cloud that provides more than 130 technological services in sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Security.

“Today, the market and clients demand more agile, secure and personalized solutions. That’s why we need greater integration between the entire local digital banking ecosystem, including traditional banks and fintech startups,” concluded Agustín Gattas, sales director of IBM Argentina, in an interview for Born 2 Invest. 

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