In a new funding round, SpaceX can boost its market value in 30%

Sources said that the round may have more demand than shares available; each share should cost between $ 325 and $ 350

Photo: SpaceX/Instagram

SpaceX, Elon Musk‘s space exploration startup could see its market value go from $ 46 billion to $ 60 billion in its next massive funding round, a 30% increase, reported the Business Insider website. The investments should be completed in February.

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According to the report, talks about a new round started in December last year and many companies would have expressed an interest in investing in the startup to the point that there are more investors than shares available. Each share should cost between $ 325 and $ 350.

In the last round of investments, in August 2020, SpaceX raised $ 1.9 billion, which brought the company’s market value to $ 46 billion. The round also had more demand than supply, which caused the startup to double its size.

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