Instagram Lite shuts down in Mexico and Peru

The version of the app was initially aimed at emerging markets and offered lighter data usage

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  • Instagram Lite was launched in 2018 and vanished from the Google Play charts last month
  • Users had been relocated to the main version of Instagram

The two-year-old version of the Instagram app aimed at emerging markets, Instagram Lite, has shut down, according to TechCrunch. The app vanished from the Google Play charts on April 13 in some Latin American countries where it was operating, such as Mexico and Peru.

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However, Instagram Lite had not reached some of the larger emerging markets the app tends to target, such as Brazil. In other countries where Instagram Lite was active, including Kenya and the Philippines, the app also disappeared. TechCrunch reported that existing Instagram Lite users have been directed to the main Instagram app via a message that claimed “Instagram Lite is No Longer Supported.”

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In Latin America, Instagram Lite was able to climb to the top of Google Play’s charts. The app was ranked No. 12 in Peru and No. 15 in Mexico. Instagram Lite was launched for Android users in June 2018 and it aimed to offer smaller download data and take up less space on mobile devices.

Mexico was the first market to receive Instagram Lite back in June, 2018. The country responded for more than half (62%) of its total downloads. Sensor Tower data, reported by TechCrunch, shows that the app was installed nearly 4.4 million times in Mexico. The second largest market was the Philippines (14%), followed by Kenya and Peru, both with 12%.

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