Instagram's built-in shopping cart available on IGTV worldwide

Instagram announced that it will be an easier way to find products and support creators

Photo: Instagram/Courtesy
  • Reels may have in-app shopping feature tested later this year;
  • Facebook intends that shopping will be a central part of Instagram.

Instagram is allowing in-app shopping on its IGTV worldwide. The platform will also allow shopping in Reels later this year.

According to Engadget, Instagram is also testing commercials on IGTV and has said it will share ad revenue with users. The feature is part of Facebooks intentions of making shopping a central part of Instagram, in a way that its content producers and influencers can monetize their presence in the platform.

Content creators and brands help bring new cultural trends to Instagram, and people access our platform to be inspired by them. With Shopping on IGTV and, in the future, on Reels, we are facilitating purchases directly through videos.

Justin Osofsky, COO at Instagram

“Shopping happens on Instagram every day and we want to make it easier for people to access details of the products that interest them and can be directed to the e-commerce site also on IGTV content, Stories, and, soon, on Reels. It also gives content creators tools to help them continue selling their products,” said Instagram.

On IGTV, people will be able to watch videos and buy a product with just a few taps, it said. “For both creators and companies, this is a new, inspiring, and attractive way to sell your products through long videos. In the future, videos from IGTV that use the Shopping tool can be found in the Instagram Shop section of Explore.”

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