Latin America is a key market for StarzPlay, the Canadian streaming platform

Despite also being available in Brazil, the platform main strategies are focused on Mexico

Starzplay is betting on Mexico in Latin America
Starzplay is betting on Mexico in Latin America. Photo: ShutterStock

Another day, another streaming platform targeting Latin America. Even not reaching the subscribers’ forecasts in the US market, Netflix keeps being who run the world of streamings. Regarding the company’s Q4 results, the leader of the streaming market still not felt a huge impact after the first releases of two huge competitors, Disney+ and Apple TV.  Even so, Netflix’s supremacy caught the competitors’ attention, especially for Latin America. 

The last streaming to start betting on Latin American markets in order to keep growing worldwide was the Canadian StarzPlay, that since December 2019 is available in both Mexico and Brazil, but really focusing on growing first in the Aztec country. Information from the media outlet Diario de Finanzas.

But unlike the giants of this industry that are aiming to fight for the market leadership, StarzPlay strategy in Latin America is to win a meaningful share to support the global growth rates. To achieve this goal, the company is betting on partnerships with big-techs such as Apple TV, already announced as the official partner in Mexico. 

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The company that has also arrived in other countries such as France, Germany and the UK in the last months offers a library that includes titles like Mr. Mercedes, The Spanish Princess, Vida, The Rook, The Hunger Games, and The Act.

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