Mexico is one of the markets where Snapchat has grown the most in recent years

Mexico's Snapchat results have been positive, says Max Rivera, director of business expansion

Snapchat Q1 results beat market expectations amid the pandemic
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  • Snap has been focusing in AR (Augmented Reality);
  • It is also testing a feature to share content outside of its app.

Mexico has more than 15 million Snapchat users and is one of the company’s fastest-growing markets in recent years, according to what Max Rivera, Snap’s director of business expansion told Forbes Mexico.

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He said that Snap has been focusing on AR (Augmented Reality) content and that, unlike other markets, Mexico has behaved differently: despite the economic crisis the world is going through, the results in the local market have been positive. According to Rivera, the profile of users in the country is made up of women (70% to 75%), between 18 and 34 years old.

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Snapchat now has 238 million daily active users worldwide, 17% more than last year, and it’s testing a new feature that can help boost this user-base growth.

According to Axios, Snapchat is testing a feature to share content outside the app. It would allow users to easily share content that was previously proprietary to Snapchat off of the app.

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