Microsoft is betting on low prices to reach Brazilians with Xbox, reports Exame

Xbox wants to expand Brazilians' access to the more affordable product across the country, as the reduced tax impacted the console price

Photo: Microsoft/Courtesy
  • Xbox Series will be officially launched in Brazil on Tuesday;
  • For the first time in history, Microsoft brings to Brazil two versions of the product.

Companies that operate in Brazil have the potential to increase their sales in the Latin American market, as long as they take into account the country’s reality, reports Exame. That is where Microsoft is betting on to increase the reach of the new Xbox.

The new generation of the company’s videogame console, Xbox Series, will be officially launched in Brazil on Tuesday and for the first time in history, Microsoft brings two versions of the product to the country: Xbox Series X, the top console, and Xbox Series S, its smallest console ever built at a more affordable price.

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Previously, it would only be possible to buy an Xbox at a more affordable price in the period of transition to the new generation, recalls Exame. Thus, the consumer would buy a product with outdated technology. Now, Microsoft’s strategy is to offer a cheaper version to the consumer, with updated technology.

In an interview with the media outlet, Bruno Motta, senior Xbox manager at Microsoft Brazil, said that, with the launch, Xbox wants to expand Brazilians access to the product across the country.

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Before the announcement of the reduction of the IPI, the Brazilian tax on Industrialized Products for video games, in October, the Xbox Series S would come out for about BRL 2,999 and the Series X for BRL 4,999. With the IPI cut, the prices were reduced to BRL 2,799 and BRL 4,599, respectively.

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