Microsoft plans to invest $ 5 billion to improve Azure's IoT features

The IoT market is growing at a fast pace and Microsoft wants to win a big slice of it in the next few years

Microsoft plans to invest $ 5 billion in Azure
Microsoft plans to invest $ 5 billion in Azure

If you are aware of the latest tech news, you might be hearing a lot about IoT and that’s not all for nothing, by 2022 this market is expected to increase 19.75% annually and in 2025 the forecasts point out that 41.6 billion devices will be connected to the internet, according to the media outlet Venture Beat. And Microsoft is getting ready to go deep on this business opportunity. 

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The company announced Azure’s new features with the goal to make customer journeys more simple and highly secure, and move forward with all these plans, Microsoft increased more than 3 times the investment on the product for the next 4 years, reaching $ 5 billion while the total amount invested from 2018 until now was around $ 1.5 billion

“We live in an increasingly connected world, at Microsoft, we are committed to providing a trusted, easy-to-use platform that allows our customers and partners to build seamless, smart, and secure solutions regardless of where they are in their IoT journey, ” said Microsoft’s speaker, according to the media outlet Venture Beat.

The new features promise improvements in several areas of the product, such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure Maps, and Azure Time Series. 

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