More Latin Americans accessed social media in 2020

Comscore report also brings the social networks with more active profiles. Facebook leads

CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the 2019 Facebook Community Meeting
CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the 2019 Facebook Community Meeting. Photo: Facebook/Courtesy/File Photo
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  • The report also shows that Latin Americans spend about 182 minutes per month on social media;
  • They visit the platforms 15 times a week;
  • And each access takes, on average, 11 minutes.

According to the most recent Comscore report on the use of social networks in Latin America, about 82% of Latinos had access to social networks during 2020, a 1.6% increase over 2019 (80.9%).

Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are the three countries where social networks are most consumed, with 97.9%, 92.3%, and 91.1% of the population doing so. The networks with more active profiles are Facebook (with over 130 million profiles only in Brazil), Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedln – the report leaves WhatsApp, one of the most used apps in the region, out. But when it comes to the share of publications and interactions throughout 2020, Instagram leads, with 49% of the total, followed by Facebook (44%) and Twitter (7%).

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According to the report, Latin Americans spend about 182 minutes per month on social media. Each access lasts, on average, 11 minutes. Also, Latin Americans visit their networks 15 times a week.

Comscore analysts also show that in the last four years, the use of social networks in mobile devices has increased, going from 99,913 unique users in the region at the end of 2016 to 225,896 users until December of 2020.

Source: Comscore, Media Metrix Multi-Platform®, Key Measures,15+, January 2020, Latin America.

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This situation has been reversed when it comes to the consumption of social networks through computers; 167,921 unique users in 2016 to 122,633 in 2020, being the lowest use rate in recent years.

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