Netflix is testing a new way of recommending content for users

New contents will not only be available in traditional categories, but will also belong to more specific playlists

Photo: Netflix
  • Netflix is testing a way to recommend content based on audience interests, and not only based on the genre of the film
  • The new categories will be more specific and created by humans, not by an algorithm 

Do you remember the time you needed to go to a physical store to rent a movie, and once you got there, you needed to look for the film you wanted among categories such as drama, horror, comedy, novel, etc.? Even with the streaming revolution started by Netflix, the way contents are categorized by the platform hasn’t changed that much. Until now. 

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Since the way that people watch and consume movies and series has completely changed, Netflix is also testing a new way of recommending new content for their subscribers. The goal is to make it more personalized, so the company plans to have a team that will create suggestions based on factors such as localization, mood, approach, and the character’s personality, for instance. This way, users will find new categories such as “for laughs,” “dark and tortuous,” or  “artistic adventures”. 

Therefore, how content is offered to users on Netflix gets closer to how Spotify creates new playlists, for instance. The main idea is to promote content according to interest and not only based on the genre of the film. 

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