Netflix launches free website with content to non-subscribers

The streaming giant aims to attract new users by offering a limited menu of free content

Photo: Netflix
  • The feature doesn’t work on iOS browsers;
  • It is possible to watch full movies and the first episode of series like Grace and Frankie and Stranger Things, among others.

Netflix launched this Monday (31) a website that allows users to watch certain Netflix’s originals for free without subscribing. On it is possible to watch them on a computer or Android device (iOS is not supported).

There, Netflix offers the first episode of some of its most popular series. “We’re always looking at ways to promote our content to attract new users, giving them an amazing Netflix experience”, said Netflix, on a statement sent to LABS.

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For now, there are ten different options of content available for free streaming: complete films like The Two Popes to the first episodes of Grace and Frankie and Stranger Things.

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