Nubank has more app downloads than the three main European digital banks together

The Brazilian fintech had more downloads in the past year than Revolut, Monzo, and N26 combined

Nubank app download results
  • Nubank had more app downloads than the Europeans neobanks Revolut, Monzo, and N26 together
  • The Brazilian decacorn is also the second biggest in monthly active users worldwide, behind Monzo

The achievements of Nubank are exceeding Latin America’s numbers and becoming global. The Brazilian digital bank reached 18 million app downloads this past year, according to Contxto, targeting the Latin American audience. And it isn’t just a great number in Latin America landscape, in Europe the three main neobanks of the region – Revolut and Monzo from the UK and N26 from Germany – didn’t reach this download number together. 

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And this wasn’t the only achievement from Nubank, its active daily number increased by 200%, reaching 15 million clients in Brazil and putting the Latin American unicorn in the second position in this category worldwide, just behind Monzo. Information from Contxto.

As the next steps, Nubank is already working on expanding its business to Mexico, where the company is concentring all the efforts right now, and Argentina. Similar to the strategy adopted at the beginning in Brazil, the first product offered outside its native country will be the credit card.

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