Peruvians spend more time connected to the internet than Colombians and Chileans, according to Comscore

While entertainment is the leading activity category for these Latin Americans, Spotify is the most used app

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Peru is not among the first Latin American countries when it comes to the total amount of connected people, nevertheless the country, which has 12.5 million users, has shown a higher average of time spent on the internet: 25 monthly hours–ahead of both Colombia and Chile. The information was provided by the consultancy firm Comscore and reported by the Colombian newspaper La Republica.

“Peruvian digital users spend an average of 25 hours per month online. Brazil leads the regional figures with 92 hours per month, followed by Mexico; Peru ranks in fourth place,” said Alejandro Fosk, general manager of Comscore Latin America.

The fifth country in Latin America regarding population has also appeared as the first in terms of younger connected users – leading the position even ahead of major economies Brazil and Mexico. “Peru has the highest age group of digital users between 15 and 24 years old on the continent, representing 30% of its digital population. This sector in Argentina is 20%, in Brazil 21% and in Mexico 23%,” Fosk said. While the majority of internet users – 30.2% – are in the age group from 15 to 24 in the country, only 6.3% are over 55 years old.

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As for their favorite digital activities, a streaming giant appears with a leading role for connected Peruvians. “Spotify is leading the entertainment category with total unique users and average minutes per visitor,” the general manager of Comscore pointed out. Entertainment is, in fact, the favorite activity with which these online users spend their time: 6.2 hours – followed by services (4.8 hours) and social media (4.2 hours).

Following the global path, and especially the one that has been on the rise in Latin America – mobile usage was also disclosed as a big trend for online users in Peru. “Mobile devices are portable, accessible and very easy to use. We can say that it is the most complete device in comparison to its competitors. While mobile usage is the one that has the biggest share with more minutes of consumption, desktop devices still fill an important spot, especially in Latin America,” he highlighted.

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