PS5 remote control to include Disney+ shortcut button in Brazil, says Tecnoblog

Media services with shortcut buttons may vary according to the region, and Disney's may appear alongside Netflix, Spotify and YouTube

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  • According to Tecnoblog, there should be buttons for Disney+, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube in PS5’s remote control in Brazil;
  • It could mean PS5 may arrive in Brazil roughly at the same time of Disney+.

Sony and Disney+ are partnering up, and the PlayStation 5 remote control will have a shortcut button for the streaming platform, according to Tecnoblog, which obtained the manual of instructions for the new PS5’s media control in Brazil. Disney+ will only be launched in the region on November 17, which could mean PS5 may arrive at the same time.

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Besides Disney+, the PS5 media control has three other dedicated buttons for streaming services in Brazil: Netflix, Spotify and YouTube, says Tecnoblog.

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The choice of media services with shortcut buttons may vary according to the region. In the United States, Sony may partner up with other streamings, like Hulu or HBO Max, for example.

In Brazil, Sony will also add buttons for Disney+, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime in remote controls of new smart TVs, reports Tecnoblog.

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