Slack launches new app to improve performance

One month after having gone public, the cloud-based company launches a new app for Windows and macOS

  • Slack went public on June 20th by directly listing its shares on the market
  • The American based software has 10 million daily active users
  • The improved app focuses on a better speed performance

The team collaboration software Slack has just debuted last month in the stock market and now has come up with another update: a new and improved desktop app.

The American cloud-based company revealed yesterday the new version of its application for Windows and macOS systems, focusing on enhancing the speed. The corporate social networking claims that now the platform will load 33% faster than before.

Leaning on a modern codebase, Slack has been working on this upgrade for two years now, as reported by The Verge. Among its main improvements, join calls now will be faster and a better response will be given when connection cuts, allowing the user to see channels and conversations that were there prior to the lost connection, thanks to a better cache.

Currently, more than 600,000 businesses are using Slack to run their internal communications, and 10 million daily active users are working with its team collaboration tools and online services. By bringing the mindset of social networking to the workspace, Slack leverages its relevance through an enhanced communication that was previously almost exclusive to email services.

But the company is not the only one to notice this opportunity, and an experienced player is starting to stiffen competition: Microsoft Teams, who recently announced the milestone of 13 million daily active users and 19 million on a weekly basis.

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