SpeedTest ranks Chile as the country in Latin America that has better fixed broadband connection

The firm also looked at latency, a key quality for gaming, as it measures the reaction time of a connection - and Brazil performs better on this

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  • Even though Chile is the better one from Latin America on the ranking, it figures on the 27th place on the global list, with 108.17Mbps;
  • On the mobile speed list, Chile comes on 107th place.

SpeedTest‘s ranking of internet speed with data from June 2020 reports that Chile is the country in Latin America that has a better fixed broadband connection. Still, Chile appears on the 27th place on the global list, with 108.17 Mbps, up 2 places since the previous month.

According to SpeedTest, besides download and upload speed, online gaming created a demand for lower-latency network connections. Since online gaming is on the rise in the region, SpeedTest Intelligence looked to online gaming performance in Latin America on the second-quarter of 2020 and found that latency varied greatly across both countries and cities in the five most robust economies in the region, providing some gamers an unexpected advantage in comparison to others with bad connection.

Latency is the reaction time of a connection, a key metric in gaming. For the best gaming experience, users should look for a latency of 59ms or less. Data from Latin America shows that Brazil had the lowest latency on fixed broadband in Q2 (19ms), and Argentina on mobile (34ms).

Source: SpeedTest

As for the broadband overall, the second Latin American country to figure on the ranking, Panama comes on the 38th place, with 90.90 Mbps. Brazil comes on the 54th place, with a 59.40 Mbps, followed by Trinidad and Tobago (56th, 57.43 Mbps) and Uruguay (61st, 52.99 Mbps).

The global list was led by Singapore with a speed of 208.16 Mbps and Hong Kong with 192.09 Mbps. The last country on the list was Venezuela on the 174th position with a 3.50 Mbps speed.

The top 20 best fixed broadband in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to SpeedTest ranking from June are:

  • 27th Chile, 108.17 Mbps
  • 38th Panama, 90.90 Mbps
  • 42nd Barbados, 79.77 Mbps
  • 54th Brazil, 59.40 Mbps
  • 56th Trinidad and Tobago, 57.43 Mbps
  • 61st Uruguay, 52.99 Mbps
  • 66th Grenada, 44.16 Mbps
  • 67th Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, 42.88 Mbps
  • 68th Belize, 41.24 Mbps
  • 69th Mexico, 40.54 Mbps
  • 70th Argentina, 40.27 Mbps
  • 72nd The Bahamas, 40.24 Mbps
  • 77th Saint Lucia, 36.77 Mbps
  • 80th Costa Rica, 35.55 Mbps
  • 81st Paraguay, 35.54 Mbps
  • 82nd Jamaica, 35.43 Mbps
  • 88th Colombia, 33.35 Mbps
  • 95th Peru, 27.87 Mbps
  • 97th Dominica, 27.57 Mbps
  • 98th Guyana, 27.54 Mbps

Talking about the global average speed test on mobiles, South Korea lead the ranking with 110.1 Mbps. In this list, Jamaica is the first one from Latin America and the Caribbean, figuring on the 46th position, with a 38 Mbps speed, followed by Trinidad and Tobago, on the 47th position, with 37.23 Mbps.

Cuba comes on the 62nd, with 31.38 Mbps, with Mexico on the 63rd (31.05Mbps). Uruguay is on 65th (30.53 Mbps) and Argentina on 72nd (27.76 Mbps). In this list, Chile was ranked on 107th, with a speed of 17.69 Mbps.

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