Spotify launches shared-queue feature and Listening Together microsite

Group Sessions will allow people to collaborate with songs in queue and Listening Together shows who is streaming to the same song around the globe

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  • Spotify launched Group Session as a way for families and housemates to entertain themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic;
  • Through a visualization-based microsite, Listening Together’s proposal is “unite people through music”, says the company.

Spotify has officially launched a new feature: Group Session will allow two or more of its Premium users in the same space to share control over music in a queue. Group Session participants can control and collaborate what’s playing in real time. The company also recently disclosed a microsite that shows the same music streaming across the globe.

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Group session is only available on the mobile app. It has been in testing since last year and was already available for some people: Spotify’s website already had a tutorial on how to use the feature.

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However, according to TechCrunch, it’s only now being made globally available to all Premium users. The media outlet reports that at the time of its initial development, Spotify may have envisioned the feature as a way to make its app go viral, as users would download Spotify in order to contribute to a party playlist, but with the coronavirus pandemic limiting gatherings and people isolating themselves at home, the company is instead positioning Group Session as a way for families and housemates to entertain themselves.

Listening Together

Spotify also recently launched a global campaign ‘Listening Together‘. Through a visualization-based microsite, it shows where people are streaming to the same tracks all around the world. It’s possible to check out the Listening Together microsite here to watch in real time as fans around the world listen to the same track, at the same time.

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