Swiss multinational Nestlé creates a new package to replace plastic

World's largest food company launches environmentally friendly paper

  • By now, the wrapper is being used by the sub-brand YES! bars 
  • YES! is present in several EU countries and will soon be available globally
  • Nestlé will not patent the technology and other companies will be able to use, starting as early as April 2020

In an effort to reach its own goal of replacing all packages for recyclable materials until 2025, Nestlé launched a brand new package made of reusable paper with a polymer coating that makes it waterproof, sealable and resistant enough to pass through all the production line.

The big innovation is that, even though Nestlé’s new paper wrapper is robust enough to survive all the industrial process – from the production to the storage – the company claims that it degrades within six months in the ocean.

As reported by Brazilian media outlet Época Negócios, other big players have been showing concerns in rethinking the use of plastic, such as Unilever and McDonalds.  

Erwin Reisner, head of the Centre for Circular Economy Approaches to Eliminate Plastic Waste at Cambridge University, pointed out the new package as an “important step forward”.

It will put pressure on other manufacturers,” he told the Financial Times. The company is calling the innovation a “world-first” technology and doesn’t plan to patent it, letting others to use it from April next year. 

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