The Brazilian brand Telecine transforms its business model to enter the streaming service market

In addition to Tv channels, the brand will also offer a streaming service

  • Telecine went through a complete reformulation of the visual identity of its brand to start competing on the streaming market
  • Since December, is allowed to subscribe directly to Telecine, without a full TV package
  • The streaming product will be focused on movies and the company doesn’t have plans to include other programs

After its latest adjustments in December, changes that offered users the possibility of directly paying for channels in Telecine without subscribing to a TV package, the brand has taken a new step towards the streaming market. According to Valor Econômico, it has been two weeks since the company went through a complete reformulation of the visual identity of its brand, looking to reach a new stage.

“The challenge is to continue serving that spectator which became accustomed to following a linear program of channels and, at the same time, attract the new streaming audience, especially the mobile (client), who watches films in his cellphone,” explains the general director of Telecine, Eldes Mattiuzzo.

To become competitive alongside companies like Netflix, Disney, and HBO, the Brazilian films group is gambling on a renowned film dossier that has more than 2 thousand titles and is currently negotiating the incorporation of future premieres, “we already negotiated the rights to films that will debut in 2022 and that haven’t even begun filming,” reveals Mattiuzzo. In the meantime, the company aims to maintain its essence by focusing on cinema, not anticipating the showing of series and other types of programs.

The other big gamble of the company is technological innovation. It is developing an algorithm capable of understanding the behavior of the subscriber and, thus, suggest the best choice of films according to his or her preferences. And it doesn’t stop there, for the company is also looking to the future and intends to prepare for the technological feat of receiving voice commands that, according to the general director of the brand, should become a common demand in the industry in the next 3 years.

Besides investing in technology, the new direction taken by the company will affect the dossier of existing products. The services of Telecine On Demand and Telecine Play, which had emerged as initiatives to cater to the streaming public and have 1.4 million users – considering that 30% of subscribers of the brand’s television channels also access streaming services – will go on to adopt a different stance. Both products will stop having their own brands and take the name Telecine, incorporating features of the brand as a whole and leaving behind the title of independent services.

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