TikTok was the second most downloaded app worldwide in Q4, just behind WhatsApp

The short-videos app reached nearly 220 million downloads during Q4 2019, reveals Sensor Tower's report

Photo: Shutterstock

2019 was the year for TikTok and if you still had some doubt about it, the Q4 report launched by Sensor Tower probably will be what you need to be sure. According to the material, the Chinese app reached the second position in the ranking of most downloaded apps worldwide during the last 2019 quarter, exceeding other giants such as Facebook and Instagram

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The app focused on short-videos that became a phenomenon, especially among the Z generation, reached nearly 220 million downloads during Q4, according to the report. Furthermore, the emerging market had a key role to achieve these results. 

In an interview for LABS, TikTok had previously stated how important the Brazilian market is to business growth and engagement. Now, the report pointed out that Latin American countries aren’t the only emergents in the game, there is another important market where the app is growing at a fast pace: India. The country alone was responsible for 45% of TikTok’s first-time downloads in the last quarter of 2019.

However, the impressive TikTok’s download growth rate wasn’t enough to overcome WhatsApp, which increased its results by 39% during Q4 and keeps leading the market.

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