Uber Eats launches another feature to lure restaurants to its platform in Latin America

The feature, already operational in the US, allows establishments to develop their own website to receive online orders

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  • The app will provide a customizable online tool that will allow partner restaurants to receive orders and manage deliveries, with no service fees until the end of 2020;
  • The best-rated restaurants on the platform now receive a “quality seal” and fall into the Top Eats category, which gives greater visibility.

Uber Eats is launching this week a new feature for partner restaurants in Latin America that allows establishments to develop their own website to receive online orders, without fee, until the end of 2020.

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It is another attempt of Eats to lure partners to its platform. With that, Eats also recently presented a new version of the Uber Eats Manager tool, which offers partner restaurants greater control over their operation, access to data on consumption trends, as well as real-time notifications that provide more elements for decision making.

In June, the company also implemented a loyalty program that allows restaurants to reward their customer with discounts and promotions.

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With the website novelty, images, menus and prices are preloaded automatically via Uber Eats, but orders through the website can be delivered either by Eats or the restaurant itself. This feature was already available in the US.

Uber is also officially launching Top Eats, where the best rated restaurants receive a “quality seal” that differentiates them and gives them visibility. During the pilot period of the program, participating restaurants saw a 6% increase in sales, according to the platform.

In this unprecedented crisis, technology can be our greatest ally and we believe in it to set the world in motion. For this reason, we reinforce our commitment to, through technology, continue to invest in our partner restaurants to promote their growth, while offering thousands of users a wide variety of experiences.

Fabio Plein, Director of Uber Eats in Brazil
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