Uber Eats reveals its drones delivery first images

The company is planning to start testing the drones next summer in the city of San Diego

Uber Eats drones design
Uber Eats unveils its drones design. Photo: Uber
  • Uber Eats unveiled drones’ design during the Forbes Under 30 Summit
  • The new delivery device will start to be tested next summer in San Diego, but there isn’t plans to expand it to other cities and countries yet

Yesterday (October 28th), the Uber Eats‘ drones design was unveiled by Eric Allison, head of Uber Ellevate, during its speech in Forbes Under 30 Summit that happened in Detroit. 

Following the wave of drones deliveries tests that big companies such as Amazon and Google are already doing, the Uber Eats drone delivery will start to be tested next summer in the city of San Diego, where the firsts pilots were already made to delivery McDonalds food from a near store to San Diego State University, according to Forbes

The drone is able to deliver the food for up to people and its ideal time of traveling is 8 minutes, so the new option will be available for shorts paths, but the company is studying how the drone could deliver the food to an Uber driver closer of the final destination. In this case, the driver could finish the ride and the device could be even more useful. Information from the company. 

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Uber Eats doesn’t have any plans to expand the release to other cities and different countries, for now, we must wait and see the results of the first tests on San Diego to start expecting the new delivery device in Latin America in the future. 

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