Uber starts testing totems for requesting a car without the need for a smartphone in airports

The company is targeting international travelers

Uber at airports
  • As an alternative to assist international travelers that don’t have mobile internet at the airport, Uber is launching totems to request a ride without using a smartphone
  • The totems are being tested in Toronto’s airport for now, and soon the machines should also be available in the United States

After long airplane flights, users often arrive at their final destination with no battery left on their smartphones or even without available internet. For those users, catching a cab has been for some time the only option, but not for long. 

Uber is testing a new totem in airports that allows users to request rides without using a smartphone; the machine provides offers an iPad and the customer only needs to introduce the telephone number that matches with an Uber account and use a credit card to finish the transaction. 

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– “For the CEO of Uber, Latin America is one of the best markets for the company
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The first totem is being tested at the international airport of Toronto, and other cities in Canada and the United States should receive the other totems soon, but the company doesn’t have an official date to launch the machines in Latin America. 

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