Voice command purchases must increase to $40 billion by 2022 in the US and UK

By 2025 almost 300 million people around the world will use voice assistants, says study

London, United Kingdom - October 01, 2018: Close-up shot of AMZN Mobile LLC's popular app Amazon Alexa.
Alexa app, Amazon's voice assistant. Photo: Shutterstock

If voice assistants are already part of one out of ten American consumers routine when it comes to making purchases, according to the Pymnts-How we will pay study; In Brazil, this trend is still in its early stages. 

Carried out in partnership with Visa, the study has also shown that, by 2022, the volume of purchases using voice assistants must increase to $40 billion, considering transactions from only US and UK – a number 20 times higher than in 2017, as highlighted by the consultancy OC&C Strategy Consultants in 2018. In addition, by 2025, nearly 300 million people around the world are expected to use voice assistants.

But if in those developed markets, this purchase behavior is already a reality, in Brazil, the trend is growing at a fast-pace. “This technology is here to stay, because it makes life simpler,” said Tiago Ribeiro, Business Manager at Intelbras, to the media outlet Valor Econômico. The Brazilian telecommunication company Intelbras has launched Izy Speak, a voice command equipment that interacts with Alexa. The equipment is the first and only produced in the Brazilian market to the date. “Adoption in Brazil is still incipient, it is currently used to perform tasks and it will quickly evolve into purchases.”

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Pointed out as a major trend in global retail, virtual assistants are a powerful tool for creating the opportunity to collect more data about the customer, not just at the time of purchase. In Brazil, this market ins gaining ground: Alexa, Amazon‘s voice assistant was upgraded to speak Portuguese and is available in the country, alongside Echo, Amazon’s speaker’s line, since October 2019.

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