Walmart's new warehouse is completely run by robots

The goal is to make online orders ready to go 10 times faster by using artificial intelligence

Wallmart physical store
Wallmart's new warehouse is completely run by robots. Photo: ShutterStock

A company’s department with just a few employees and a lot of robots doing the work. This description could easily be used to describe a science fiction movie, but in fact, we are talking about the new Walmart’s warehouse in New Hampshire. 

According to Business Insider, the retail company developed its own robotic system, called Alphabot, to operate around 30 robots that are set to find the right products of each online order among the 4,500 products available, pick and pack it. The goal is to make the grocery orders ready to deliver 10 times faster than humans could do it.  

And this might not be the only huge innovative news that we will hear from Walmart in short-terms. “We’re involved in robotics, we’re involved in micro-personalization, we’re involved in probably the biggest supply chain in the world,” said Bill Groves, Walmart’s chief data officer, in an interview for Business Insider, about the company’s huge involvement with artificial intelligence. 

The company already has a full department focused on data science and artificial intelligence, 1,500 data scientists and 10,000 software engineers working on projects related to the area, besides the more than two hundred open vacancies in related sectors of the company. 

However, the company is still studying how to deal with cultural issues before starting to scale this and other similar projects. 

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