The Brazilian veggie burgers industry is in the spotlight: after Fazenda Futuro's expansion, Marfrig starts a partnership with ADM

Marfrig and ADM will work together to produce and sell their hamburgers in Brazil

Marfri and ADM announces partnership in veggie burgers in Brazil
  • After the rise of Fazenda Futuro, more companies decided to heavily invest in veggie burgers in Brazil;
  • The Brazilian giant Marfrig joined the US company ADM to develop and distribute their own veggie burgers in Brazil;
  • ADM will provide the raw materials for production, while Marfrig will be responsible for producing the hamburgers and sell them to local food services. 

There’s never been a better moment to the veggie burgers industry in Brazil. After the Brazilian startup Fazenda Futuro raised US$ 8.5 million from Monashees, thus reaching a valuation of US$ 100 million and starting its expansion to other Latin Americans countries, the region’s market is starting to look brighter for international companies. 

Latest news about Fazenda Futuro:
Brazilian food startup Fazenda Futuro is valued at $100 million
The Brazilian foodtech Fazenda Futuro begins expansion in Latin America

Marfrig, the second largest Brazilian food processing company, joined the US food giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in an exclusive partnership to develop and distribute their own veggie burgers in Brazil. Meanwhile, ADM will provide the raw material for the production, and Marfrig will be responsible for producing the hamburgers in an industry based in the Brazilian city of Várzea Grande and selling them to local food services.

“The first veggie burgers made by Marfrig and ADM will be available in the market this year, and after that, they will also be exported,” reveals Marfrig in an official press release. 

The potential of the veggie burger industry in Brazil has been unlocked, but who will be the great winner of the Brazilian market of veggie burgers, we cannot know yet. The only thing we can know for sure now is that all the players involved so far earned their title.

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