Latin America is leading the global air traffic growth

Latin America is leading the global air traffic growth
  • The global air traffic increased by 4.5% in June according to IATA and Latin America was responsible for the biggest growth rate.
  • Latin America reached the biggest growth rates for national and international flights

According to the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), in June of 2019, the global air traffic increased by 4.5% and the region that is leading this growth is Latin America, which presented the biggest increase rate, 6.5%.

The data is compared with the same month of the past year and when it comes to only international traffic, the general landscape isn’t so different. Latin America keeps being the region that is growing the most with an increase of 6.7% in relation to June of 2018.

The fact is that Latin Americans love to travel and aren’t willing to give up this passion, even during unstable periods. About the Latin American market, the IATA’s CEO said that “the request for passengers keeps being positive, even with a challenger economic landscape in several countries“.

Besides all the IATA data, the international travel bookings departing from Latin America and the Caribbean reached in 2018 an increase of 9.3% compared to 2017, according to ForwardKeys. With no exaggeration, 2019 is the year of the travel industry in the region.

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