New Argentinian low-cost airline company is authorized in Brazil

  • Flybondi, the low-cost Argentinian company, was authorized by Anac and expects to start operating flights in Brazil in October.
  • The first flight available in Brazil will be between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Traveling between Argentina and Brazil will become cheaper, Flybondi, the Argentinian low-cost airline company, was authorized by Anac to have international flights operating in Brazil. The company expects to have the first flights available by October between Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, and Buenos Aires, in Argentina. 

The Argentinian will be the third low-cost company authorized to operate international flights in Brazil, after the Chilean Sky Airline and the European Norwegian. In 2018, the Argentinian travelers already were the biggest number of tourists who visited Brazil and beach destinations during Brazilian summer are their favorites. 

In Argentina, Flybondi is trailing a promissory path. It was the first low-cost airline company of the country and 3 months after starting the operation, the company already reached 5% of the travel Argentinian market by betting on a innovative marketing strategy as the main way to build trust, besides of the attractive prices. 

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