The Argentinian Tourists Are the New Bet of Miami Tourism Market


If you think that Argentina is being avoided by international investors, think again. There’s an economic crisis going on in the country, that’s a fact – but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some markets still rising there. The travel sector is proof of it.

American Airlines has recently announced a new direct flight from Cordoba, in Argentina to Miami starting in June. The answer of the Argentinian public couldn’t be more expressive: during the pre-sales, the available flights have already achieved 60% of occupation, according to La Nación.

It was one of the motivations of a mission that was never seen before: the representatives of Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) are going to visit Argentina with the main purpose of promoting Miami destination between Argentinian travelers, not only for shopping but also for entertainment.

“Besides the devaluation and political and economic conditions of the country, year to year Argentinians are always between the 5 major international group of tourists,” said Melina Martínez-Echeverría, Director of Public Relations in Latin America and Caribe of GMCVB to La Nación.

The Argentinians are already the third group of travelers that most visit Miami in the world: 360.000 of them visited the city in 2018 alone, only behind of two other South American countries: Brazil (469.000 tourists) and Colombia (420.000 tourists). Taking these numbers into account, isn’t that hard to imagine why a global company like American Airlines decided to put efforts in the country, right? Traveling is part of Argentinians culture and understands how to take benefit from it can be the key to a profitable strategy.

One thing we know for sure: the gold mine for travel market that American Airlines found in Argentina still has a lot of unexplored business opportunities. And if you have any doubt about why Argentinians keep traveling, even during crisis periods, read this complete article and find all the answers you need.

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