August 05, 20 - 5:17 pm - LABS

1 in 5 e-commerce consumers in Latin America is new, says Visa

The pandemic has continued to accelerate the adoption of e-commerce in Latin America, according to Visa. From April to June, the company tracked an additional 13 million new users of digital sales platforms.

“This figure means that 2 out of 10 users are new or are using it for the first time,” said Luz Adriana Ramírez, CEO of Visa Mexico, during a press conference.


Of payments on e-commerce websites made by Latin Americans were done through debit cards, the preferred method, followed by credit cards with 63% and cash-based systems with 44%.

Visa took the opportunity to present a partnership with fintech Mozper to launch an application that promotes financial education among children and teenagers through an account that is supervised and monitored by their parents.

Mozper partnered with Visa to provide supervised accounts to children. Photo: Screenshot

The application is available in Mexico for Android and iOS platforms, and has 13,000 people on the waiting list; the goal is that by 2022 it will add around 500,000 children in the country, according to Mozper’s founder, Gabriel Roizner