September 23, 20 - 6:14 pm - LABS

34.64% of Brazilians are dissatisfied with the return to face-to-face classes, says survey

Nearly 35% of Brazilians don’t want the return of face-to-face classes now, shows a survey by Knewin. The firm promoted a monitoring on Twitter and points out that more than a third of respondents (34.64%) don’t feel safe regarding COVID-19 and would prefer not to return to face-to-face classes at this time.

Brazilian boy taking remote classes. Photo: Shutterstock

The survey was carried out between September 1 and 14. The growth of distance learning in Brazil has generated a great debate, mainly because today 29% of Brazilian households still don’t have access to the Internet, according to data from the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD Continuous). There are Brazilian states considering face-to-face return such as Amazonas, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.