May 01, 20 - 6:55 pm - LABS

50 million Brazilians have emergency aid deposited in their accounts

Since April 9th, when the payment of the BRL 600 emergency aid from the Brazilian federal government began as a way to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, 50 million people have the money deposited in their accounts.

BRL 35.5 billion

have already been deposited by the Brazilian government through the state-owned bank Caixa Econômica Federal.

The problem is that many Brazilians are not able to transfer this amount to another account or even withdraw the money, either because they do not have access to the Internet, or because they are having problems with the documentation, or even because they say the application is not working properly.

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In addition, a third of those who have already registered to apply for emergency assistance were considered ineligible, wrote the news portal G1.

According to Dataprev, the state-owned company responsible for identifying who is entitled to receive the emergency aid informed that, until April 30th, of the 96.9 million requests analyzed, 50.52 million met the legal criteria and were considered eligible to receive the benefit–that is, 52.1% of the total.

Another 32.77 million are ineligible and will not be able to receive the aid (33.8%), and 13.67 million (14.1%) are classified as inconclusive, that is, they need to be complemented in the registrations.