July 24, 20 - 10:28 am - LABS

6 of the Top 10 countries in death rates per population are in Latin America

Among the ten countries currently most affected by Covid-19 deaths worldwide, six are in Latin America. According to a Johns Hopkins University chart, last updated on Friday, countries at the top of deaths per 100,000 population are: United Kingdom, Peru, Chile, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and Colombia.

Johns Hopkins ponders that these countries at the top register most deaths proportionally to their population, but not necessarily the most deaths overall.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

Last Tuesday, Carissa Etienne, the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said that the spread of Covid-19 has not shown “signs of deceleration” in the Americas, adding that Brazil, the United States and Mexico are the countries where more deaths have occurred due to the disease, reported Agência Brasil.

When looking to the ten countries currently most affected by Covid-19 deaths per confirmed cases (observed case-fatality ratio) the bars show that four Latin Americans are near the top of the Johns Hopkins’ chart: Mexico, the most acute situation, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

This statistics show the number of deaths related to confirmed cases of Covid-19, not the entire population. And high rates may derive from a lack of testing.

Source: Johns Hopkins University