May 19, 20 - 2:15 pm - LABS

60% of Argentines, Colombians and Brazilians doubt they will travel abroad soon

Brazilian travel website Viajala conducted a survey of 3,000 users from six Latin American countries to find out what they expect for national and international tourism later this year and in the post-pandemic scenario.

When asked about international trips, the insecurity of travelers is clearer. Users in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are the most concerned in this aspect: more than 60% of respondents in these countries say they do not know when they would travel abroad again.

The low-cost revolution in Latin America's air travel
Illustration: Felipe Mayerle

According to the research, Argentines, Colombians and Chileans have more doubts about the resumption of trips within their countries. At least 40% of users of these nationalities said they had no idea when they could travel again nationally.

Brazilians, on the other hand, are more optimistic: only 27% stated they do not know when they will return to travel within Brazil.

The insecurities that haunt Latin American travelers and tourists are several: the return of the virus, tourism infrastructure at the destination, as well as financial worries.

For Viajala users in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, the main concern when it comes to traveling abroad is financial, while Colombians and Peruvians were more apprehensive about health issues. The Argentines pointed out that tourist spots that may not be operating normally as their biggest apprehension.