June 09, 20 - 9:29 am - LABS

69% of Brazilian consumers have lost income since March

Seven out of ten Brazilian consumers have lost income since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in the country, in March. With lower income, 62% of Brazilians believe that they will delay paying their bills. The figures are from a survey by DMCard, a card manager, taken with 15,010 people between May 5 and 12, as Valor Investe reported.

Asked which debts they would give priority to if they did not have enough money to pay all of them on time, respondents said consumption bills such as water, electricity, telephone and internet. Following the consumer’s priority are the supermarket card, the private label card and traditional credit card .

The order of priority points to a consumer who is concerned with maintaining his purchasing power, mainly of what is essential, demonstrates the survey.

“People prefer to pay the bills that, if defaulted, may cause the interruption of a service that would be sorely missed in their daily lives”, says Sandra Castello, director of marketing and people at DMCard.

Only 26% of respondents stated that they were formally employed, while another 15% had a reduction in workload and, consequently, in their wages. Another 12% were either completely removed from work or had their contracts terminated, and 15% had already entered the pandemic unemployed. Retired respondents represented 10% of those surveyed and 21% are self-employed professionals.