April 03, 20 - 4:59 pm - LABS

7 out of 10 Brazilian users stopped spending on mobility apps in March, shows survey

About 7 out of 10 Brazilian users stopped spending on mobility apps during March, according to a survey held by the financial management app Guiabolso and reported by CNN Brasil.

If, on one hand, the first week of March represented the usual, with 23.6% of Guiabolso’s users requesting rides on apps like Uber, 99 and Cabify; on the other, in the last week of March this plummeted to as much as 5.7% of them asking for such services. In general lines, the survey, applied with more than 250,000 users of the financial app, recorded a decrease of nearly 75% on the ridesharing apps demand.

The consumer is more cautious. We are in a very gray scenario, not knowing how deep or how long the crisis will last. The quarantine will help people to rethink their spending.

Yolanda Fordelone, economist at Guiabolso

Food apps, however, saw a spike in the volume of people using these platforms, according to the study. Apps such as UberEats and iFood increased by 51.4%; but the spending, on the other hand, underwent an unusual curve, dropping from BRL 93.62 to BRL 65.67, between the first and the second week; and went up again to BRL 90.73 in the last week of March.

“In this segment, fear is the factor weighing against. More people started to order (in those apps), which is natural because there are more people at home, but the average value decreased due to the concern with saving and doubts about the maintenance of income”, Fordelone explained to the media outlet.

Supermarket spending has also risen by 37.7% in the average spending, climbing from BRL 240 to BRL 330 between the second and third week of March; same period in which the WHO declared the world pandemic. For the economist, there will be a change in consumption habits. “People can go back to work, but also realize that they can save on food and restaurant apps, by cooking at home,” she added.