July 07, 20 - 3:13 pm - LABS

89% of Brazilians saw income decrease due to the pandemic

A new report points out that 89% of Brazilians said they had a drop in personal or family income due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus. In addition, 77% of respondents believe that personal income has already fallen or will fall over the days, according to Serasa Experian, the Latin American leader entity in consumers’ database, in partnership with the Split Second Institute survey.

The research, reported by Meio&Mensagem, reveals that the pandemic affected, in some way, the financial life of 73% of the economically active population. Also, 42% of the survey respondents said they needed an increase in income such as informal work or another job. According to the survey, a third of the Brazilian population is working informally due to high unemployment and 91% say they will take out a personal loan.